Serving the communities of Bird City and McDonald
Published each Thursday by Nor'West Newspapers, Inc.

Address: Mail: Box 220
Bird City, KS 67731-0167
Phone:(785) 734-2621
Fax: (785) 734-2659

Casey McCormick, Editor
Karen Krien, publisher
Casey McCormick, ad manager,

Subscriptions: $25 per year in Cheyenne and surrounding counties; other in-state and all out-of-state subscriptions $28.
Display rate (net) $3.89/
Classified Display (net) $7.50/ (also includes Saint Francis Herlad)
Business Directory $5.85/ week
Classified ads: $5.50 plus 20 cents per word over
10 words. Runs in St. Francis and Brd City.
* $3.00 billing fee and $3.00 tear sheet fee.